Badminton court


Our high-performance badminton court flooring systems are available in various technical specifications, allowing us to tailor our offerings to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Once installed, our vinyl and wood-based floor materials are odor-free, and essential equipment like nets can be promptly set up, minimizing downtime and allowing for uninterrupted gameplay. With Capital Sports Flooring as your sports court flooring provider, you can rest assured that you won’t encounter unexpected maintenance and cost burdens. These unforeseen expenses can place a significant strain on budgets, especially during prolonged periods of badminton play. 

About Product

You’re making a wise choice by selecting Capital Sports Flooring as your manufacturer and supplier for your badminton sports flooring needs. Elevate your game with our high-quality vinyl and wood-based sports flooring, meticulously designed to meet the demands of badminton courts. We prioritize excellence in the construction of our badminton court surfaces, utilizing only the finest-grade raw materials and adhering to top-notch manufacturing standards from the ground up in our production facility. The resulting flooring is then custom-made or provided in standard dimensions within the specified time frame, ensuring our customers receive BWF-approved badminton courts promptly. Badminton is a sport that encompasses mental fitness, speed, flexibility, aerobic conditioning, physical endurance, agility, skill, and stamina for athletes. It’s also one of the most popular games in Asia. All of Capital Flooring’s materials feature flexible polyurethane coatings that contribute to the maintenance of the courts, keeping them clean and highly efficient.


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