Capital Sports Flooring for auditorium stages High-quality indoor auditorium stage flooring is best suited for teak wood flooring, which is a type of wooden flooring. Due to its durability and technical qualities, Capital Sports Flooring 1st Class Teak Wood is the finest grade flooring that is currently offered in the indoor Auditorium Stage Flooring market. The product offers high-end shock absorption, is internationally authorised, and has a long lifespan. Ideal for multipurpose auditorium stage flooring in high-end stage facilities.

About Product

Capital Sports Auditorium Flooring comes in two distinct categories: Type “A” and Type “B.” This Auditorium Flooring product boasts an overall thickness of 85 MM, comprising a 21 MM thick top layer of hardwood flooring, a substantial 45 MM thick pine wood batten/runner, and an additional 19 MM thick air-cushioned rubber pad. This combination results in an elastic floor with exceptional shock absorption properties, earning it the prestigious approval of the World Badminton Floor (BWF) and establishing it as India’s pioneering hardwood sports flooring solution. Moreover, the product includes a generous 7-year warranty.


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