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Capital Flooring Sports’ PU flooring surfaces are offered to our customers at exceptionally competitive market prices, making them truly affordable and requiring minimal maintenance, thereby supporting sports budgets. Our PU flooring surfaces are versatile and suitable for multi-sport facilities and heavily frequented gyms, where specialized attributes and durability are paramount. We employ premium polyurethane in crafting these surfaces, offering a range of thickness options and unique color choices. Our commitment to delivering top-tier performance flooring ensures that all athletic activities conducted on these surfaces yield peak player performance. Capital Sports Flooring provides athletes with the opportunity to elevate their game and ensure the finest competitions.

About Product

Capital Sports Flooring have earned a solid reputation as a recognized company thanks to our superior raw materials and innovative flooring designs. PU flooring stands out for its inherent plasticity, making it ideal for any long-term usage requirement. Our range of PU flooring materials caters to multi-purpose sports activities, and we consistently prioritize performance and quality. At Epic Flooring Sports, our PU flooring designs draw from our extensive knowledge and expertise, incorporating US-based designs and formulations. All our flooring materials meet international standards for surface excellence across various sports activities. We also offer customized designs to cater to the unique needs of residential and industrial gyms. Our PU flooring materials come in a variety of colors, and we provide our customers with the option of embedding logos into the flooring.


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