Capital Sports Flooring offers top-tier PU floor materials that provide exceptional value for versatile spaces, including modern recreational facilities. The standout feature of our PU floor materials lies in their aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent choice for sports facilities. However, these materials are not just about looks; PU flooring is renowned for its expert craftsmanship and overall durability, ensuring optimal performance for sports and fitness activities. By employing polyurethane in our flooring solutions and offering a wide range of color and thickness options, we enhance both the comfort and visual appeal of the flooring surface.

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We also offer custom lighting solutions to enable gameplay during nighttime or under low-light conditions. In addition to specifying various surface options, we can design viewing areas and partitions to create facilities like changing rooms.

Basketball courts come in different configurations and dimensions, depending on the governing body overseeing the sport. For instance, according to International Basketball Federation regulations, the court is slightly smaller than an NBA court. However, the hoops, where the ball is aimed to score, are consistently set at a height of 3.05 meters above the floor, except in certain youth competitions. A typical basketball court is divided into halves, with a center circle where the jump ball is contested. Baskets are positioned at either end and are surrounded by a semi-circular restricted area.


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