Due to its adaptability, simplicity of maintenance, and brilliant colours, sports vinyl is currently the most common product used for sports in India. You have access to the best product on the market with Capital sports vinyl. With a robust warranty of up to 5 years, it is a European product that has received approval from numerous international federations and has been used in well over 200 projects in India.

About Product

It is made in China and Europe and has a warranty that lasts up to 10 years. Excellent Shock Absorption For Effective Cartilage And Joint Protection. The Best Traction Coefficient For A Grip And Slip That Is Perfectly Balanced. For Advanced Comfort, the Best Vertical Deformation Ball Bounce Consistency for Top Athletic Performance. An intelligent surface with excellent abrasion resistance and simple cleaning is called Tech Surface. Technology for Capital Sports – In the event of an injury, the surface layer’s unique bacteriostatic composition lowers the risk of infection. Our products are made using environmentally friendly methods, and they are free of solvents and heavy metals. 100% of our vinyl floor coverings can be recycled. Nearly all of the manufacturing waste we produce is recycled. We work to increase the amount of recycled material in our products.


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