Our flooring is not only easy to clean but also requires minimal ongoing maintenance. With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we cater to a wide array of sports play areas, including gyms, play zones for young children, mall games, wrestling, and more. Our premium finished floor materials enhance player performance and increase athletes’ capacity to excel in all sporting activities. All our products are crafted from the finest raw materials, subjected to rigorous quality, durability, and resilience checks. Our rubber flooring materials are exceptionally easy to maintain and offer our customers cost-effective, long-term upkeep solutions.

About Product

At Capital Flooring, we firmly believe in providing top-quality rubber flooring that comes in various dimensions, sizes, and thicknesses. We are a brand that adheres to both international and national standards for manufacturing rubber floor materials, using superior raw materials. Our product range includes standard 8 mm rubber rolls, and we are also equipped to deliver customized rubber solutions to meet specific needs. Rubber floor materials find exclusive use in gyms and sports facilities where high-performance characteristics are essential. Our rubber is exceptionally durable and wear-resistant, ensuring optimum performance efficiency. Moreover, we offer our clients the option of rubber tile flooring to meet various indoor sports requirements. Our rubber floor materials undergo a rigorous curing process to deliver exceptional sports performance and withstand harsh impacts. These surfaces excel in areas with heavyweights and equipment usage.


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