Squash Court


One of the top and well-known manufacturers of squash courts is Capital Flooring. The team at Capital Flooring is thrilled and honoured that so many of our customers have put their trust in us. Our products for squash courts require less maintenance and are simple to maintain. Our squash court surfaces are very durable and equipped to withstand any challenging circumstances. Our squash court has Superior Ball Rebound, which adds to the enjoyment and excitement of the game. We ensure that our products are shockproof so that athletes can avoid strain or injury to their knees or ankles. We offer our customers a variety of colour options. Only branded, high-quality products, resistant to a variety of weathering agents, are the products we deal in.

About Product

Our Squash Courts feature meticulous layering that enhances the durability of the final product. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also rank among the most robust and long-lasting options available. Designed for maximum performance, our Squash Courts utilize premium materials that offer superior quality, all while remaining accessible to our customers at competitive market rates. Each of our courts is specifically constructed to deliver an exceptional indoor experience with an exterior aesthetic touch. We prioritize safety and compliance by adhering to building regulations in every aspect of our squash court construction.

We serve as a single point of contact for the manufacturing, delivery, and installation of our products, ensuring the highest levels of quality control that we rigorously monitor. Our courts are engineered to withstand the impact of the ball and the consistent strain exerted by players, preventing any wear or damage and providing the ideal squash court flooring solution.


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