Capital Sports’ PP tiles stand out as top-tier choices for outdoor sports flooring. Manufactured by Capital Sports in India, these portable tiles come with a 5-year warranty and are offered in a range of vibrant colors. Their extended durability and versatility make them the perfect choice for discerning customers seeking a premium solution.

About Product

Capital Flooring is a leading manufacturer of various outdoor ground surfaces. When it comes to using PP tiles as a floor covering, they are best used for any outside construction because they are made of common quality plastic that provides a reliable appearance. Additionally portable, PP tiles give the customer the option of flexible development and the ability to alter the format of the tiles. Our PP tiles flooring is very easy to remove and reinstall, which is crucial if a ground surface is to be installed on a typical building. We introduce US-based innovation that is produced with high-grade materials and is backed by ITF on various other quality and safety criteria.


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