EPDM Sports Flooring


EPDM flooring is a versatile choice, not only for sports facilities but also for exercise rooms and weightlifting gyms. Its remarkable resistance to wear and tear, coupled with its softness, makes it ideal for absorbing impacts from falls and heavy weight drops. Additionally, it offers sound insulation and long-term durability. When used outdoors, EPDM flooring provides excellent UV resistance and enhanced traction, contributing to better athlete performance. EPDM flooring in sports facilities ensures both flexibility and shock absorption. It is highly cost-effective and serves as a smart choice for sports area projects with budget constraints. 

About Product

Maintaining it is a breeze, effortlessly removing any residue or stains with a simple, low-maintenance cleaning process. Its athletic and highly professional aesthetics make it the premier choice for outdoor sports surfaces. Our clients benefit from a meticulous and coordinated installation process to ensure the flooring delivers optimal results. Available in a wide array of multicolor options, our flooring offers both a stunning appearance and safety in equal measure. The installation of EPDM flooring is straightforward, and its maintenance is hassle-free. It is a popular choice for a range of activities, including running, volleyball courts, and tracks. All of Epic Flooring’s flooring materials come with a warranty and are designed for both outdoor and indoor use, with the added benefit of being weather-resistant.


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